A liberated space in Stockholm for everyone from below

Because liberated space is necessary to expand revolutionary organizing

and revolutionary organizing is necessary to expand liberated space.

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April Opening Times

Öppettider för april đŸ–€ Kom och skapa liv i Solidaria! Initiativ sĂ„som banderollmĂ„lningar, möten eller studiecirklar vĂ€lkomnas đŸ’«

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Have a look at the FAQs below and get in touch if something is still not clear.

Solidaria Social Center is an open and welcoming space for everyone from below.  So in order to become an active member, just join the weekly meetings, become active in working groups and support Solidaria’s principles and initiatives.

Join our weekly meetings, check the different working groups and their activities and just express your interest in partcipating in one or more of them.

About Solidaria


Solidaria Social Center is a space for solidarity and for organizing outside and free of capitalist and state structures. A safe, warm and vivid space for people from below to get a ”context/sammanhang”, with an emphasis on mutual aid, while staying away from charity’s benefactor-dependent relationships. Solidaria offer an open meeting and working space for all radicals and local or not new-comers, functioning like a living organism where people from different groups can socialize, create, evolve and organize in an environment alternative to and against capitalism.

By providing a context/sammanhang to people most marginalized, and by trying to ameliorate our everyday material necessities together, based on need, we aim to organize, and articulate political struggles along with the people most affected by structural oppression, violence and coercion. Functioning on horizontal, inclusive, anticapitalist, antiracist, antipatriarchal and antistate structures.


Support Solidaria

One-Off Donations

Swish: 1230781294
Bank Transfer: Bank Giro -> 5899-1092 | IBAN -> SE3050000000052111031143
Credit/Debit Card/Swish via Stripe: 50 SEK | 100 SEK250 SEK | 500 SEK

Monthly Donations

Help us keep the lights on, the doors open, and the toilets stocked with fluffy toilet paper!

Credit/Debit Card/Swish via Stripe: 20 SEK | 50 SEK | 100 SEK | 300 SEK | 500 SEK


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